Opening of CruzEvents & VectorBros

3:12:00 PM
It is always good to move to a new, fresh and bigger space. When that happens, we celebrate it with a bang! - annual dinner, road show, branding campaign. - web, e-commerce, motion graphic.

Back in 2006 when we just started up our office wasn't great but it was sufficient enough for us to operate at that time. With no financial backings we worked hard, really hard.


We got ourselves a 2 storey office with a customized mezzanine floor.

This is Ang and on the very first day, he is already enquiring on business. Not a minute to lose. We work hard, we play hard - that's how it rhymes right?

Our nature concept has been with us since 2006. We carry green where ever we go. It calms our mind whenever we are too stress and with the Ikea untreated wood rack it gives that smell of nature. Like!

The people who are waiting anxiously for...

The CEO and founder of Cruz Events and director of VectorBros to light up a strip of fire crackers.

Then the lion dance would march into our office and scares away bad omen and bring new life into the work premises. When they have done visiting all of our work desk, they will then walk backwards to pay their respects.

#Chagang was even there to support us, thanks!

So last but not least the famous "lou sang" during chinese new year is a must. We "lou" so high until that aunty with black and white stripes has some on her head. Haha.

For those who came and supported us, we thank you deeply from the bottom of our hearts. For those who couldn't make, we appreciate your kind words too.

For event enquiries please visit

For web and multimedia enquiry,

Cheerss and huat ahhhhhh!
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