Gong Xi Fa Cai 2013 with the #Chagang

9:13:00 PM
Huatttt Ahhhh, it's house visiting time and we do this every year with the #chagang.

From one house to the other from day to night which all begins from bukit jalil to putra heights and to kelana jaya. 

Oh the girls was not part of the visiting, haaa!

So firstly as usual, pop's place but before that we did lunch outside. With the usual talking, chatting and gambling. Again this year Xiang sapu RM70 from smashpop. Haha.

Next is Xiang's place which we almost got lost and this time Xiang sapu RM70 again. WAhhh!

We spend a couple of hours out and then it was back to my place. Besides all the gambling we had to add a little more excitement and of course recharge our luck with the "yee sang"..

huattttt ahhhh! That's usually the first word everybody would scream when we toss around the "yee sang"

The usual place where we all would end our night with, Eeewinssssss!

It was fun last year, it was fun this year and I sure hell knows that its going to be fun next year! Huat ahh GONG HEI FATT CHOY everybody!!!
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