Win your share of RM60,000 with #flyfm500jam

10:55:00 AM
I hope it is still not too late to blog about an easy RM500 cash win from flyfm. Some may know some may not but I was just being selfish, the lesser people who knows about this the higher the chances of me winning. Ohhh but then again that is just so not me.. so here you go!

Check the web out!

So according to the instructions, it is pretty easy to win. Just listen to flyfm or download their app from appstore (download link) which i personally think it is the best way becauseeeee...
"you need to name the song and artist which the app will tell you.. woohoo!"

Also you may listen to it online via So just wait for the sexy voice that says "#flyfm500jam starts now" then wait for the DJ to say "call now".. then faster call lor!

It also will snowball if the other person guess it wrong.. then it will be RM1000 for youuuuu!... Ahhh excited man talking about this. Haha.

And please watch this video, its damn damn damn damn damn awesome! Haha..
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