Sony DSC-RX100 Cyber-shot

10:29:00 PM
This is super fresh from the oven. I just came back from the launch of Sony's RX-100 launch. A compact camera that does wonders.

Its been a while I've had the idea to ditch my dSLR as I'm getting miserably tired to carry that big thing around. So i've asked around mainly smashp0p and bryanlyt. Not too long ago, they mentioned about the RX-100 and so happen today I had the opportunity to witness the launch of it.

So lets not waste more time and let me show you how does the RX100 looks like.


*credits : hand model goes to smashp0p.

So all of these images were taken by my dSLR, wonder how it actually looks like? We were all given Sony SD cards so we can actually take images with the RX100 and take home the images with us. The idea was brilliant i must say...

So the last picture before I test the camera... The three of us.

Take #1 with the DSC-RX100

Take #2 with the DSC-RX100 (p0p took the this shot, so if my picture is ugly blame him)

Take #3 with the DSC-RX100

Overall the camera performs pretty well under low light. As you can see the image of me, bryan and p0p.. the environment is pretty mellow. I'm not gonna go through the specs of the camera, i'm sure you can find them online or at Sony's official web.

All I can say is that the camera is pretty good as it takes images at f1.8 and can go as high as ISO 25600 with a minimum amount of noise (refer images) and of course small in size.

The only drawback... RM2,499.

As must as I enjoyed playing with the camera, you can too by visiting Sony showrooms. Ciow!
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