Ning's Epic Expression at Tanah Lot

9:22:00 PM
If you have been to Bali, i'm sure you will visit tanah lot or else your guide is not a good one or you are not a good planner. Haaaaaha. Anyway we got there 15minutes late as we were stuck in traffic. Hence we are not allowed to cross over to the temple as the tide is coming back up.

Go there way before 6pm yah!

As you can see the tide has already gone up and everybody has already return from the temple.

So we all started taking photos around the area and you could not believe how big the waves are. *BIG***
Then these three wanna take picture of the wave... and... and..


wuuuuuiiiiwuiiiiiiiwuiiiiii! Haha Ning's expression i cannot tahan. Haha.

So that's me, I've mark my spot and I hope you did too!

My bali post shall resume tomorrow...
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