I am batman at Turtle Island

9:15:00 PM
After the little short snorkeling adventure, the boat continue to take us to the nearby Turtle Island where quite a few exotic animals can be found here.

When I meant exotic, I really mean it. The GF going crazy over them. *ditch bf aside first* EAGLE FASTER! take picture!!! -- yeah you know what I mean right?

*ditched the GF, fasterrrrrrrrr take bat man!!!!!*

Ok I guess I was pretty excited myself but at least I'm not like Calvin. He looks like he's gonna eat the damn bird.

The little tour ended with a cock fight. I think betting illegal but it was just for fun. I bet on the cock that stupidly jump out of the round circle. Bodohhhnyaaaa! Anyway the animated picture looks funny, haaaha!

So that's us having a sip of coconut to re-hydrate.

Whats for lunch?
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