Luwak Coffee (Pea Berry Coffee)

9:32:00 PM
The gf is gonna show you how the local serves their coffee. The luwak coffee is the most expensive coffee in Bali or not the world.. made famous by their President. According to Wayan, it used to be cheap and it is served as a welcome drink to any home. I guess not anymore.. The president gave a few boxes to the Prime minister of Australia, and he too loved it.

Look how multi-talented these people can be.

There you go, one nice small cup of Luwak Coffee. If i'm not

The Luwak Coffee tasted a little bitter but I am not a professional in drinking coffee, so I can't really say whether its good or bad. Its just a bitter coffee without sugar.

A paradoxurus or known as Luwak to the locals eats the coffee berries then passed through its digestive tract. Meaning it shits out the coffee berries and we drink it. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

So there you go, this is just part of the process. There isn't any fresh "shit" around. Haha.

Next see me in sarong want?
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