Taang Shifu Sunway Pyramid

10:52:00 PM
We had this place on our eating list for quite a bit, I think everybody should have an eating list because when you have that "what to eat ah?" thought, you can refer to your eating list.

Above is the Royale Chicken Barrel. I guess its the only dish that is nice, for the money we pay for lar that is.

Above is the Cod dish, ermm 2 things nice about this dish. 1. The presentation, 2. The broccoli. Haaaaaa! The cod a bit fishy lah.. don't like.

According to the waiter's recommendation, this is good wor... So so only lar k.. For the price we pay for, i think we could have eaten really nice sweet and sour crab with "mandao" deep deep in the sauce. ahhhhhhh...

RM130. *Sweat*
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