Sunday Post - Puma Social Dream Team

5:40:00 PM
PUMA came out with an app called PUMA Social Dream Team. It's an app that calculates the user's social activities that are engaged on the facebook platform. 

I'm a VIP yo!!!

So, from the calculation it helps to identify the user's social team role. The user will automatically becomes the Captain of the PUMA Social Dream Team. There are 6 social activities (Gig Night, The Night on the Town, The Big Feast, Ten Pin Action, Bar Games and K-Night) to choose from to create the Social Dream Teams each with different Teammate roles to be filled.

Every teammate plays a different role that bonds the social team and make them unique.

Find out what type of teammate are you and start creating your dream team now! or find out more at

Go test out the app and if you did, share it and tag me under the comment box. I might just have some VIP tickets and PUMA merchandise for you.


To promote the PUMA Social Dream Team app, a series of interactive team mate photo booths will be available at 

18 May till 8 June 2012
Golden Screen Cinemas, One Utama, Bandar Utama 

18 May till 1 June 2012
The PUMA Store, Sunway Pyramid 

2 June till 13 June 2012
The PUMA Store in Suria KLCC  

The Finale - 8 June till 14 June 2012
The Beer Factory, Sunway Giza.  

You're all welcome to take picture at the photo booth!
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