Checking in at D'omah, Ubud, Bali

12:02:00 AM
After lunching at Kuta, we took approximately 1 hour long adventure ride to our villas. By the time we arrived, due to the rain, traffic and small little road it was already late afternoon.

This is us while waiting to check in and that's our wayan.

The room is just so so, didn't really like the marble floor as it feels dirty. As you know we Asians don't like wearing our shoes in rooms. Too bad they don't provide bedroom slippers too.

We all took about 30mins rest and then we went out to our first Spa ever in Bali. Oh ya at 6.30pm, its already dark so you can imagine how sesat (lost) we were. At 8pm it felt like its midnight already. Verona Spa seems like a very unique place, our massage room has a door but it doesn't have a wall. Meaning we can see padi field right in front of us.

After that we had simple local Indonesia food nearby. Our tour guide is pretty good at bringing us to simple and cheap local food.

We both had the local fried rice, the gf didn't really like it. Too simple kot... hahaaaa

We were exhausted from the drive so we called it a night. The next day is where the adventure begins..
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