FLYFM's Paranoid Activities - Week 1

1:59:00 PM
The first Paranoia's Challenge took place right outside FLYFM's studio with Zuhaili in the running of his RM2 bid.

Challenge #1 - FLYFM's Paranoia's Next Top Model

So he's challenge was to have reptiles crawl all over him and apparently he seems pretty okay with the reptiles. You see!

The initial bet was RM5,500 and He was double dared and walked away with another RM1,000

Challenge #2 - FLYFM's Brew Of The Day
Chef Shamsudin blended a mixture of chicken liver, oats, milk, wasabi, milo, and egg plant for the fellow participant Sunny.

Starting amount was at RM9,500. Guess how much he bided for this? RM95.80.. hey that's FLYFM's radio frequency. Cool isn't it?

Sunny downed the first glass like a chanpion. He was then double dared to drink the same second glass in 60 seconds for RM1,500. Guess what?

He did it! Walked away with RM 1,595.80 like a champion.

Challenge #3 - Sniper (The challenger has to run away from the sniper)

Challenger Yew Heng Shan bidded for RM450 and every shot that hits him, he will lose RM100.

He got shot 5 times in 15 seconds, haha! He was given another chance that if he is able to go through the entire shooting ground without getting shot at, gets RM1,000. .. he got it.

Challenge #4 - Blindfolded Wheels 

Muhammad Aizad took the challenge and he tried 5 times and failed. Haha come on it is not easy okay!
He was given the 6th try and if he makes through 50m on a bumpy ground, he takes home RM1,000. ... he got it! Hooray!

Challenge #6 - The Swamp
The challenger has to retrieve earth worms from the pool of mud)
Here we goooo 5 minutes for 15 worms. Did he make it?

Challenger Ruben Ravi Fernandez failed the first 5 minutes as the mud was too deep in. It really tested his fear for worms and as for the second try he managed to retrieve 13 worms. But hey the FLYFM crew gave him another 30 seconds to find the other 2 more worms.

He got it and walked home with RM250.

Stay tune for week number 2's paranoia challenge!
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