Kek Lok Si Temple

11:18:00 PM
Free and easy day #2 before we meet up the friends in penang. We did our very own touring and after laksa we climb up the temple from the very bottom. The wifey didn't wanted to as she was lazy to climb but i made her (... cough)

Like what Jessy says, what's next? I bring you the Kek Lok Si temple.

Climb from the very bottom to the top top top, paid a couple of ringgit and go up up up!

Its my first time doing this gong thing, usually when I come here we won't reach this far or one or two will just say there's nothing to see there.

After doing the gong( 3 times), you are granted 3 wishes. Haha. Not entirely true but somewhat there lah.

Next, we went even higher! Have you ever taken a lift that goes forward? I have :)

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