Inclined Lift at Kek Lok Si

9:47:00 PM
This is the inclined lift at kek lok si if you never knew how it look like. Why because you can drive up there too. But let's just continue being a tourist shall we?

So it took about 2 minutes to get up there and I can say that it is quite fun. Don't forget to press first floor and close the door like an ordinary lift ya!

Going down looks a little scary if your standing right in front, but hey its slow so don't worry.

So since we are already up there, let's take some picture of your friends. Haha.

Oh found some of my "fan si" up there cheering for me with their I Love Malaysia tee shirts. 0.o`

That's me accepting the fame... hahaha Ohhhh i am just kidding.

It is pretty breezy up there, trust me and you would want to do this. Haha. Cheers!
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