Sunday Post : Shopping with PUMA

1:48:00 AM
Remember the game show where you were given a trolley and take what ever you can for 1 minute in a super market? This was something like that only the time was unlimited. Hahaha.

That is us smashpop and myself with a big bag of Puma clothes schedule to be launched in 2012. If you want to see it yourself personally with us wearing them, why not you go to

Find out what Puma Social Athlete you are and tell me via my comment area! Please "Like" before doing so.

I have got 3 more Puma Social VIP passes, details as below;
Venue : Cosmic Bowl, Mid Valley
Date : 16 Dec 2011, Friday
Time : 9pm onwards.

*non-stop bowling & free flow of carlsberg and jaegermeister!

Each passes won is entitled to 2 person ya, so bring your friend along okay!? Hurrrry! because its first come first serve basis ya!

Email me if you need more clarification

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