Stylo-mylo with PUMA

10:48:00 PM
It was a hectic and busy day itself but it eventually turned out to be an exciting and fun day after all.Me and smashp0p had our schedule planned and drove straight to Puma HQ at PJ Trade Centre.

We took our trolleys and started running around and take whatever we can in 60 seconds.... nah kidding. Haha.

This is where everything new will be placed and where we can test out. And most likely take home too! Teehee!

That's me and smashp0p after taking everything we needed or at least would look damn good on us.

That's about the very few stuff i've got from Puma. If you find anything cool from here, they should be at the stores already right now. Go visit any Puma outlet and feel them for yourself.

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