Who is steaming at SteamRoom?

10:57:00 PM
Steamingly hawt.. yup thats my model of the day.

She had to go for a shoot and I thought it would be nice to pick her up despite the crazy jams to kota damansara. It was worth the while. I got there a little early and had a nice cup of cold white coffee and looking at everybody rushing to go home.

It was nice, it felt like as though i was relaxing.

This was the hawty i was waiting for while i reminiscence together with my coffee.

And so we ate at SteamRoom, Sunway Giza. We wanted to try ever since we saw it Viva Mall and finally we did. Like the interior, it was cozy.

I had the dry noodle with chicken and the lady had her all time favorite SzeChuan noodle.

We also ordered a fish ball dim sum served in a small steamer basket. Not to mention some of the little basket is used as part of their interior.

One last thing i've forgotten to take a picture of, the dessert durian! Fantastic.

Now I'm contemplating whether I should bring my dSLR out again.
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