Sushi with the girls

11:04:00 PM
It is yet another sushi day and this was like 3 days in a row. No choice because the birthday girl wants to eat nothing but sushi. So here we goooooo... Sushi Tei, Mid Valley-Gardens.

Of course me and the baby got there on time and we were a little hungry, so we ordered first. Due to my weak stomach, we didn't had any raw stuffs.

Half way chewing, the birthday girl Ning and Rachel arrived. Shame on you for being late, shame shame! Hor hor!

Anyway the both of them look so cute in here, but wait til you see us. Haha..

Who the captain, who the captain! Like i always say, i'll fly you to heaven and bring you back right down when ever you need to. *Grin*

This reminds me of my college days back in the one academy. I eat this almost everyday at Ming Tien. I don't think that store is ever there anymore.

We both ordered a sider, the Australian Sushi Lamb Roll. This baby is freaking awesome! Every bite of is so juicy. We should go back there for more babyyyyy!

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