Hennessy Artistry 2011

11:23:00 PM
The finale of all Hennessy event ended once again at Mines, MIECC.

Too bad my media passes was some how "released" and of course I came at 1030pm after my mates wedding. But then again that shouldn't have happen. Anyhow I ended up in the VIP zone not knowing how but while I was making calls and I saw Chuckei walking so Jessy said "lets just follow and see which zone they go to".

So I think we actually sneaked in behind of them. Haha.

Cheers and thanks a lot to SzeYean who helped me out with the drinks. It was great of you to serve me but I still prefer you driving me to Pyramid with a BMW. haha.

Great event like this almost usually we have to take pictures of beautiful women. This time we wasn't allowed to bring our dlsr except for special people like SeraphSam.

Fun fun night. Was really happy to see most of the people having so much fun. I remembered last years Hennessy at MIECC as well, I went to the loo at 10pm and one dude was already drunk and puking. A guy asks him "Bro you drunk already ah? What time only wo?"

That what hilarious, was laughing while pissing.

Couldn't deny that I had loads of fun too! Thanks Sam for all the great photos. Furthermore you've got special tag to bring special camera in, unfair!

Anyway I hope the Hennessy event next year would change a little bit. Let's not do the same kind of event 3 years in a row yeah?


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