Morganfield's, Pavilion

1:07:00 AM
Had dinner with the sister and the baby today at Pavilion. We passed Morganfield's a few times but never had the chance to test it out.

So we did..

The spareribs is damn yummy and its only available for a limited time only.

And how can we eat ribs without a little bit of hoegaarden eh? Look at the addict. Hehe.
This is us with a bloated look. Maybe just me not so much of her.. working on that.

Oh ya then we watched the screening of Real Steel.

I say the movie is awesome and everybody should watch it.

There's all sort of emotions in the movie and its too "gan jeong" to explain, watch it when its out!

Jessy and me rate it at 8/10.

Oh by the way, thank you TuneTalk for the great seats and of course the free coke and popcorn.


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