Spying on Winnie

12:07:00 AM
Picture of the day! We spotted the newly coupled couple holding holding hands all the way at mid valley and in front of Starbucks to be specific. As described on the picture, teehee!

Winny & Ah Kiat

Ok so gossips is done, we all had lunch at Chilis and this time is not so much about the food but about us and dessert.
Kinda like this picture because the dude behind is more focused than i am. Haha. The next photo is just hilarious. See how excited one can be with a nose hole.

That's Jessy pinpointing excitedly over my nose or maybe she's angry at it and wants to go inside and hide or scream for an echo or something, I don't know.

That's the molten chocolate cake, pretty yummy and fits perfectly for four person.

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