Duck King, Pavillion

11:21:00 PM
Dreamt i was king, woke up still king so we ate duck king. Haha.

One of the day we planned to invade KL and hunt for phone and ipad covers. So we did and had a whole lot of fun. We ate, got new covers for our devices and of course watched a movie. What's a date without a movie eh?

The princess will always have to rejuvenate with her juices.

All of everything we had and they are all delicious. The squid is a little spicy though but a delicious kind so if you love spicy stuff you can try this one out. The lotus soup is damn "chun"

Me, teehee!

I've got a monster cover and she's got a new white iPad cover for her white iPad. Goshh it rhymes. Well that's it.

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