Tong Sui at SS2

3:40:00 PM
One night after dinner we went to this tong sui shop call "bu je dao", also means "i don't know" or at least that's what she said when i asked her. I also don't remember the name. Somewhere in SS2 lah ok?

While we wait for our "tong sui" and some side dishes to go along with our tong sui, we did this --camho! Wow a word no many uses it anymore these days...

Slurps slurps!

We had the icy honeydew and I heard the mango is pretty good too! It was quite challenging as we have a hot bubur cha cha too! Hot cold hot cold hot cold.. youchhh!

We had lo bak ko toooooo!, Its yummy and you should try try it too!

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