Sunday Post : Hong Kong City

11:40:00 AM
Got out from the train station and luckily the two waited for me. As soon as they saw my presence, the eye balls rolled back to the shopping bag icon. Oh well at least they somewhat cared.
As we walk and walk towards the Houbour City Mall, I kept taking pictures of people and the environment. Like Daphne say, OMG its so Hong Kong drama'ish.

A hectic life for those who work in Hong Kong. Everybody is rushing to somewhere and it is all the time. Where ever you are in HK, everybody is rushing. I kinda like it. It feels like everybody had to work and the three of us was just chilling.
Here we are, once entered you'll never come back out. Or at least that's how I interpret that two. Went down there to Food Republic to get a bottle of water. Walked here and there and technically completed the whole mall.

That two wasn't even halfway done. Oh boy...

After some long hours of shopping, we finally get to leave the mall and continue our sight seeing. Walked down to where the clock tower is in tsim sha tsui. Weather was around 19-20 degrees so it was like walking in Genting Highlands. Not too bad.
Jaclyn and Daphkisses

The sun was bright and eventually the heat got into us. So than what? ICE CREAM Lahhhh! Jaclyn wanted to pay but she did it a little too fast and the uncle scolded her. Hahahaha!
Next, more shopping. Not that I don't like shopping, its just that I've got nothing to buy. Jaclyn like some "si lai" looking at comforters and home stuffs. Haha.. She make a good house wife lah.

Met some of Jaclyn's friend a met a new baby friend too haha. Anyway we took a break at pacific coffee and relaxed for a while there.

Next, me and Daphne left together gether.
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