Pirates of the Caribbean : on stranger tides

4:01:00 AM
Had lunch earlier the day with Jason and he successfully brain washed me to jailbreak my phone. Needed some tune up back at the office after that but everything went perfectly fine.

I am loving my weekends, always looking forward to do something nice with the lady. Today we watched Captain Jack Sparrow did his thingy, but before that dinner at brotzeit.

Being new to all this has its way to express better photos effects. I guess i'll have more photos like this taken because the bulky thingy is going to chill at my display glass for a bit. My aunt from the US say you've found a dime already please switch your damn status from single to taken. (point taken)

While waiting for our foods, we were playing with "Words for Friends". Its scrabble in another words. Its fun, download it and its free.

We both had the port cutlet and the grilled pork fillet medallions. They are both yummy.

Met one of the lady's best friend @stephhhiie. Pretty sweet girl I must say.

Our show is starting and hope you guys enjoy your weekend as I am going to enjoy mine to the fullest. Right baby?
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