The last day of Hong Kong

10:05:00 PM
Life has been so interesting lately that i've forgotten about my continuation of my Hong Kong post. Well let's get back on track.

This is the final day of  Hong Kong and it begin really early in the morning. Of course disturbed by the very early Daphne but its all good or else we would have missed out great breakfast at the Enchanted Garden.

This time it was a light one for me, the lotus leaf rice and a char siew bao.

Anyway I never miss out my english breakfast too, so another round. We were exhausted so there wasn't any pictures of us. Funny part is when the Disney character comes by asking us to take photos, we said nahhhhhh! Did that yesterday, you run along now. Haha.

This is the day Daphne got her new camera from a stranger in Hong Kong. I followed her to Sunny Bay and met up with the lady and her ang moh boyfriend. While Daphne paid her, I was just checking if the camera was good. It was.

We didn't want to go back to the hotel, so we decided to enter Disneyland without Jaclyn first.

Walked around here and there and bought more stuff. Mostly souvenirs. If I didn't get you one, i apologize.

After an hour of walk, Jaclyn finally arrived. She must have "oh si" or something back in the hotel which took her so damn long.

Wah lah! A pinch of fresh air with Disney's castle.

We decided to make this day a relaxing one since its our last. Took the little train ride that brings us around the park. Pretty short ride but was good enough. Too long might have been too boring.

The entire journey, Daphne was just doing this...

Got a few great shot but I guess it feels much better to experience it yourself.

I guess this is it, hope there would be another chance of me coming back there for a holiday again.

Thank you for viewing and coming up next what we did in the airport on the way home...

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