Experiencing Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

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Back in April, I was invited to be a prestigious member of the Adobe Influencers Programme. If you don't know what that is, believe me it is a great deal to me and to you if you are in the design industry. We were gathered around and given fresh insights about Adobe and its products.

The good exercise that came out from this is, I get to test out the Beta version of new Adobe Creative Suites and then share it with you so that you can understand better before you make your purchase.

I was awarded the Adobe CS 5.5 - Web Premium
- of course being a multimedia designer you would love to have the Master Collection. (Psst, we studied multiple media's marrr -- ahemm i hope Adobe hears this so I can do a major test on the others as well)

These are my everyday software, without them I'd die. Literally.

The CS 5.5 Web Premium includes:- Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks,Acrobat Pro and a couple more fantastic software that could do this world a better good.

Gonna show you a little bit of how a small but powerful tool can make a difference.. below is a snapshot of what I did..

And this is how it turn out ...a 6ft signage for the office and a 3inch version as a name card. People always say "OMG, you have the big version of your name card, can I take that home?" Haha obviously No!

Next is the Illustrator, I have been vectorizing for many many years now. I remember switching from the older version to CS3 -- I went whoaaa "jaw dropped". The GUI looks so advance and soothing to the eye.

Same feeling now.

Enough about fun stuff, Dreamweaver is all about flexibility and convenience. You gotta try out the CSS function because it is HTML5 ready and it has a preview screen of how your web can look from an iPhone, iPad and the browser with just a single change of a CSS code.

Talking about it just gives me the goosebumps and excitement of getting back to work.. I wanna workkkk now!

Last but not least is the Flash Pro. The conversion for mobile engine is crazy. I haven't got enough time to explore into that yet, but the AS is taking my skills to a whole new level.

I guess we should start offering new services too?

Was lurking around adobe.com and saw a promo, I guess if you are dying for a Adobe software go buy one now!

You may look for Rajdish Singh from Text 100 if you are interested. He could round you up with a good figure. Raj can i have some sort of a commission for this? Hahaha anyway give Raj a call at +6017 2419 519 or mail him at rajdish.singh@text100.com.my

I am watching this and you should too!
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