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If I was asked what you have done to deserve the rewards of luxury and a successful lifestyle?

My answer is as simple a being hardworking. When I mean hardworking I really mean it because there is no short cuts in life and if you do not come from a well to do family, you've got to do everything yourself from the beginning with all the risks and anything necessary to be where you are and do it with everything you've got.
With that drive, you may unwrap yourself with a new dream of your own. Then again it's just me. You can do better.

And with that, Johnnie Walker is involved in Formula One which is a stylish and sophisticated sport
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Johnnie Walker is the world’s leading Scotch whisky and has partnered with VMM because they both share the values of innovation, winning and leadership
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Johnnie Walker has a cool and inspirational campaign with the Black Circuit Lounge that allows you to experience the lifestyle of Formula One
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So basically what is this all about? WINNING TICKET TO THIS FABULOUS V-VIP Party of course! and in conjunction with the F1 race at Sepang this 10th April 2011. Check the video out below:-

DJ Bento also known as the creator of Asia’s premiere all mix party, Diamonds will be bringing his master mixing skills to the Black Circuit Lounge for his debut appearance in Malaysia. Known for exciting both international and domestic crowds mixing his unique party rocking blend of hip hop, house, electro, nostalgia and rock, DJ Bento remains one of Asia’s busiest DJs. In addition to his monthly Diamonds parties at Tokyo’s Fashion Bar (in conjunction with FTV Japan), Hong Kong’s Republik and Taipei’s Primo, DJ Bento is the resident DJ for Osaka’s #1 all-genre party, Hollywood (sponsored by Ed Hardy Japan) and he performs as a feature guest DJ all over the world with recent engagements in Sydney, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Bali, New York, Beijing, Miami, Brisbane, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Kyoto, Kobe, and Berlin.

DJ Bento promises to bring entertainment of the highest level to guests at the Black Circuit Lounge.

Take Note
DJ Enferno who was originally scheduled to spin at the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge will not be able to make it due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you haven't see enough, View the FB Page

Last but not least, NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE!
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