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4:16:00 PM
As cheesy as the title may sound, I fear you will find out the answer to the title above below but before you go there, lets look at balloons.. hot ones.
Putrajaya's 3rd International Hot Air Balloon Festival is back and hotter than ever.
girl pulling pulling the balloon

Too bad we got there a little way too late (930am), therefore the blupblup balloon took off without us knowing. Eh i meant Doraemon :P

Looking at the hot air balloon is really amazing. Kinda reminded me when i was 15 and when first saw the US air craft carrier at port klang. Its just unbelievably amazing.
I like how baldwin describe what this thing is. 

Jessy and simonso

We are hot, really really hot. The temperature i meant.
simonso, jessy, ewin, smashp0p, azrin, xiang, florence, baldwin

The group shot of us, thank you to the girl who took the photo for us. She had to take like 10 shots from all the cameras.

Ahh the teaser for the title. We had nando's after spending an hour plus plus. Getting away from the sun was our first priority :P

The cutest photo ever! Not that the balloons isn't, just that this is cuter. ♡

Oh ya we did this too!

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