How to get to Disneyland Hong Kong

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Before my fairytale journey begins, I need to share with you how do I get there first.

Once you have touched down and collected your luggage bag from Hong Kong International Airport, first counter you would be able to see is the train ticket counter. Get yourself an Octopus Card so you can travel around Hong Kong. Its HKD 150 (HKD100 credit + HKD 50 refundable deposit) it is like our touchNgo card.

Once that is done, look at the red dots on the train map, take the airport express and exit at Tsing Yi, jump to the yellow line and stop at Sunny Bay.

The Mickey train will arrive at Sunny Bay and pick you up from here.

The inside experience of Mickey train to Disneyland with Jaclyn and the ever famous Daphkisses

Here we are.. once you get off the train you should see this. Exit through the escalator and your magical fairytale begins..

Wait! If you are staying at Disneyland Hotel, please take a left after exiting the train station. The shuttle bus will take you there. Unlike us, Jaclyn made us walk with our luggage bag.. pfft! (not to mention I had to drag her upsized gigantic luggage bag, why because mine was just tiny and you could dance with it.)

Okay we’ve checked in, So lets go to Disneyland shall we?

This is us and we welcome all of you to Disneyland.

Since you know how to get there already, don’t miss out on the experience with Disney’s 5th Anniversary which involve many great attractions and one of it is the Fantasy Parade.

I’ll show you the colours of the Fantasy Parade on my next coming post. It will take your mind to a whole new fantasy world. Trust me.

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