#BBMYParty Blackberry Biggest Fan Party

9:12:00 PM
A party for blackberry fans were held at Top Hat Restaurant sometime last week. BB fans were greeted warmly and as for those who don't have one during the event *mysterious look on the emcee's face* were given an opportunity to win one. Gerald Ang - Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific at Research In Motion was there to enlighten some of the blackberry fans with great news and a hint was given out about the new blackberry playbook and the mysterious new blackberry model...

The Blackberry Empathy  

Jaclyn and smashp0p was funny, really funny. Photo tells everything. Wonder did p0p even think of switching for a split second... hummm

Everybody was given a BBME tee.

There was a great idea given, you can now give away your BB pin and don't have to reveal your phone number.

So whats your bb pin? Wahaha :D

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