Hunt for the latest Puma wear!

12:02:00 AM
Happy Holiday! Its the new 2010 Holiday campaign by Puma and it was successfully launched at Ecobar, PJ Trade Center. Amidst an amalgamation of music, fashion and art.. "big colourful splashes to be exact" much to the delight of partygoers who thronged the event for a fun night out filled with playful tomfoolery.
Its the highlight to the concept behind the campaign where models wearing Puma apparel were seen running mysteriously whilst displaying a sense of paranoia instead of sashaying down the catwalk like how it usually does.

I kinda like the decor at the place, it blends it really well with the video feed and it really looked like a cross hair on my camera.
As usual when you attend a great party by great people such as Puma and Sirens Media, you'll be treated fairly well.
Entertainment along the way with Shaun Lee the beatbox kid and Dennis Lau who is great in what he does.

Wanna know more? Its coming very soon haha.

anyway came home just in time where my mom was making a fusion meggie mee with some special sauce. Damn sedaps..

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