Fair Game Screening

11:35:00 PM
Was delighted to join Advertlets and friends for a movie of Fair Game yesterday. The gathering was nice but I think it was merrier when everything was much simpler then. Anyhow thanks Advertlets for the movie.

About the movie, personally i thought it was a little disturbing with the reddish colored throughout the movie and i think the shot of the Petronas Twin Tower could have been better.
Anyway before the movie started, I met up with these two kiddos who were extremely excited with purchasing their new lenses. Sony 35mm wor... and apparently it is really really new in the market.

Probably after this great shot of my yin yong, they realise nikon is better! ahhaha ok that's not really it, but heard them saying something about selling the lens they just bought 10 mins ago.. Apa nie?????!!?!?!

Me and yinxie

After dinner we did some random shots and then movieeeeeeeee! Do let me know what you think about the movie.

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