The Eight Wonder Party, Hartamas

9:26:00 PM
This is it, the insights of the Eight Wonder Party which is also TeamGrey's 8th year in this beautiful industry. I guess they could start a small little museum of their very first equipments from then til now. Sounds like a great idea...

Ismail getting ready to rock the set..

Enlightenment of images starts from here

This is Mr. Kenneth Ang, the genius behind his little empire. A well respected man with his gadget knowledge. Anything that his to do with tech, you can ask him.

Next is another big man behind organizing events. Not only a man with great ideas for events, he is an emcee who speaks fluently in mandarin as well. He is no other than Mr. Edmund De Cruz.

Our usual happy hour buddies...

Mr. Jerry Soon, another genius with technology and software. He should have about 100 badges on foursquare by now. How he does it? Heaven knows..

This is nice but if you see it all the time, it gets a little less exciting :P

Kudos to and for having a well organized event here at hartamas.
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