Sunday Post - Office break in

9:01:00 PM
Last Sunday on the 24th October 2010, our office got intruded by a man professional enough to disable my CCTV and broke into the office.

*mind the date of the footages, cctv's timing wasn't configured.

Apparently I think he was unaware that we have a built in alarm system and the alarm box was hidden or blocked by the air condition compressor.

So as a result he took only 15 seconds to open our locked glass door and quickly ran through our office. I believe within minutes he was already gone.

I arrived the office 30minutes later and he was probably long gone. Went up the stairs and notice the mainpower was turned off, so I peep through and realise all doors was already opened. Just incase the man is still in there, I called the Putra Heights Police Department.

They arrived in less than 5minutes. Kudos to you guys. They came with their heavy machine guns, and I decided not to follow them up just in case they started shooting. Haha.

Since theres nothing much we can do at that time, I drove to the nearby police station and made a report. I came back with the forensic team and they started doing the finger print checks. Was cool with the CSi stuff.

We were lucky the culprit only had stole one laptop, but sad to say every little details was in there.

If anybody could assist in the investigation don't hesitate to call the Putra Heights Police Department at 03 5192 2404

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