Fullhouse Sunway Giza

3:42:00 PM
It was fun catching up with the guys at fullhouse, sunway giza. Nevertheless, thank you Henry for inviting and of course Fullhouse for letting us be one of the first to taste new food and drinks on the menu.

First time meeting hooinee, shes fun and bubbly. Not to mention the pokka dots on her with a propeller like ribbon on her head is just hilariously cute :P

Thongkai looks rather cute with my little watermark. Haa! Anyway cool gray shirt guys.

This is like a bumper to make this post not so "people with faces". So at the end of the day, everybody else looks pretty, tasty and delicious. Yum!

I guess when I have my own kitchen, i'll probably work on some creme brulee.

See what I mean, deliciously pretty isn't it.

Another great place for food, and a place with clothes and accessories where nobody buys but just camho with them. Buy some next time will ya.

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