Motorsport Division, Sunway

9:25:00 PM
Motorsport Division was magnificent! They gave blupblup members a chance to experience high end performance vehicle and modification. If you are into cars, body kits, and accessories you should pay them a visit.

Not to mention quality control, friendly mechanics and staffs, you have my word as I do try their services once in a while.

Part of their showroom showcases great products. Rims are one of them... really huge ones.

Accessories such as stickers, emblems, exhaust, and not forgetting my M6 side mirrors which you can find the link here

While upgrading your car, look for Yien and she will play a game of FiFa with you. Shes really good by the way.

Some of the great cars for show was the X6, Audi, 3 Series Coupe, 5 Series, Mini and Porche.

Always wanted to know how the interior of the X6 looks like, you've got one here.

To me a clean and spacious room for upgrading your car is the most important part. I'd say they have got the best and the most tidy repair/upgrading room then anywhere else. Kudos to that!

The event ended out with a drive by of BMWs and Porches. A scene which I love the most.

No.15, Jalan PJS 11/8, Bandar Sunway, 46150,
Bandar Sunway Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

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