Have you Reebonz.com already?

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What is reebonz.com?
Reebonz is a private online shopping destination of premier brands and private sales.

The name Reebonz (pronounced "ribbons") came from the idea of the ribbon we untie when we receive presents.

Their website is exclusive to members only. They work on a 2-3 days online sale event basis where products from a specific brand are placed on their website for a short time span of 2-3 days for members to purchase.

At the end of the 3 days, the event will close and members will not be able to purchase the items anymore. Purchases are made online using credit card or paypal account under a secured environment.

Have you ever heard of anyone giving a 99% off? I have and it is only at reebonz.com

Please click on the image above to RSVP this instance!

So if you don't know what kind of product that is on 99% OFF, let me enlighten you with the Kenneth Cole Men's Sports Chronograph Bracelet Watch

Retail Price at SGD $649

After 99% OFF SGD $3.29 (OMG!!)

Want more? Introducing the Prada Business Laptop Bag

Retail Price SGD $1550

After 99% SGD $9.95 (I KID YOU NOT!)

Ok enough of men stuff, what about the ladies? The Kate Spade Dane Tote

Retail Price SGD $780

After the greatest discount of all time ... SGD $7.80

I am so getting everything I've posted here, If you think you can be faster than I am RSVP yourself at Reebonz.com and may the best man wins!

Oh not to forget their ongoing events are

And their incoming events
Friday 04/06
Fashion for Men
Paul Smith
Ursul Men's

Monday 07/6
Fashion for Women

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