Delicious, Bangsar Village 2

11:26:00 PM
An interesting day where I get to meet the manager of DeGem as these two love birds was picking out their wedding ring. That is another amazing moment too, Silly me why didn't i take pictures of that moment.. hummmm..

Anyway after leaving DeGem, we decided to have breakfast at Delicious, Bangsar Village 2. YC wanted to have french fries at mc donalds instead, but the power of the womens influence and decision -- man has got no choice but to follow.

The happy couple shall be married soon.

Raydon, YC's brother-in-law.. Haha looking really sad as his wifey is in HongKong and had to be a super spotlight.

If you know me long enough, you should know i love anything that has to do with tea and coffee!

This is us. No marry questions please, thank you :D

Since it was almost noon, i've decided to eat lunch instead :P
The Hainan Chicken with its sauce is extremely good at that moment.

The gf finally found her love, breakfast.

A beautiful day that i shall and should cherish. Congratulations guys and mostly to YC for asking me to be one of his brothers. Sadly I won't be around at that time. I do appreciate it. Thanks.

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