Project Mo

11:27:00 PM
Mo is usually extremely happy over the weekends. He knows that we don't have to work and we can spend time with him. Yup he is right, time well spend!

Cutest thing ever living under our home.

Nothing feels better than lying down on a cold wooden floor.

Mo found himself a new toy, but of course I grabbed it right before he could chew on it.

If he licks your face, that means he likes you and he wants to be friends with you.

Mo looks out over the window and I wonder what he sees...

Mo really changed our lives, he made my parents laugh almost every single day. A furry little thing that pounces on you every time we come home from work.

Enough said, he wants to turn off the camera and unleashed his fury. What fury? Probably go poop somewhere. Hee.
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