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Something interesting I am willing to share during my college days at The One Academy. It was one of our final major project which involve crazy lingo scripting! That brings the software Macromedia Director. - I wonder does anyone use it anymore...

Our project is called "The Artificial Aquarium"

The Concept
Replacing real aquarium in shopping malls with an artificial one.

How it works?
Well we needed to share money to buy wood planks, fish aquarium stuffs and many long hours to code and pre-record the fish scene.

How we did it?
This movie scene detects sound, when a person knocks on the glass, the program will calculate the loudness and scares the fish ;)

It worked pretty well when it was quiet, but when everybody else turns on their music... our fishes went crazy!..

So we decrease the volume sensitivity and everything was back to normal :D
It was a successful project and word from the streets, the lecturer bought our idea! No royalty for us tho...

This was done by our senior, well they've got 2 semester to develop this. Of course lar canggih!

It was one of my favorite amongst them all! The camera detects the shadow, and thats how you control the tanks.

It can be played up to 4 players, how frigging cool is that.

That's my classmate Dewi, no idea what this thing does. Heeee!

That is why I never missed a single day of class in college. Everything thought everyday is just freaking interesting!

When you love the thing you do, you will love doing everything in your future - simonso
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