California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC

9:29:00 PM
On of the lovely Sunday, we had dinner at KLCC which was our very first time eating there together. Minus the sitting at the fountain, or rolling at the grass or anything like that..

The short name for California Pizza Kitchen was CPK, never knew that until I looked at the box. Sounds like some chinese bad word or maybe it reminded me of phua chu kang.

Anyway let's pizzaaaaa! Yumyum!

Every meal there must be vegetables, mama said.

A creative shot taken by the queen bee. She said "Look there is eyes and nose on KLCC tower"

The creative genius behind the KLCC picture above. So talented isn't she? Click "Like"

It didn't take too long for the pizza to arrive, I know it tasted good but the bad thing is I don't remember the name of this pizza. Silly me!

That's me, the dreamer.

Dream big and if you can't then dream bit by bit, it will be big eventually.
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