iTalk WHOA! - Borneo Rainforest, Sunway

11:54:00 PM
7th of April 2010 is marked with a big happy face on my calendar.

iTalk WHOA! Invited a huge number of bloggers that makes me go, hey, hi, hello, how are you, who are you? Ahaha..

Quickly signed myself up once I got to Borneo Rainforest, Sunway and these were the iTalk WHOA! team members who helped me.

A picture of the stage where the local superstar is going to perform. A very successful event I must say, not to mention that we can actually sign up at

I saw Hanie

I saw SuperWilson

And i saw the big big bosses giving Q & A's and introducing their services which include making phone calls from your PC to a mobile, sending SMSes from a PC to a mobile and a system or program that lets you control your twitter and facebook!

Then i saw christine

I saw Charmaine

I saw Bunkface - WHOA!

Now last but not least, the cool door gift we've got! It's quite thoughtful as this little gadget will be very useful when I use iTalk Whoa!
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