Hennessy Artistry 2010, Before the conference

11:44:00 PM
The very moment I arrive, I bump into Ewin and Bryan. So we suggested to shoot something... Our same old tag line, "Girls, wanna take picture?"

As they positioned themselves nicely, all other photographers came and join... pfft.

Anyway, I took a shot and left and take another shot of the registration counter. Look, another simon signing up! Pretty awesome eh..

How can we be in a Hennessy Artistry event without the big Hennessy bottle? And so here it is, its huge and its fresh!

Oh and these two was probably thinking "Bugga this fella take picture of the bottle and never take us"... problem solved!

As we were invited as bloggers, we were also given the privilege to join the press conference as well! But before that begin, we were already being fed with hennessy...

So before the press conference begin, the both SS's take a picture first

And I shall continue with the press conference and party tomorrow, as for now "MYJAYS" new name for MYNJAYZ was our player of the night.

Watch out for http://mynjayz.com/, he shall post scandalous images of that night. Cheers!
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