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10:04:00 PM
I have always wanted to try Garden at 1Utama for quite a while. It is always too full and the waiting line is always long. So one day I came and the queue was short, we were no. 2

Waited here before we were seated.
Funny thing - the waiter gave me 3 stop signs before he said "Oh yah we've got a seat for you two". Its like, come - wait - come - wait - come!

So after we ordered, what else take lar some gambar!

I was checking my phone, supposedly tweeting.

The mushroom soup came first which was pretty right. It tasted OK, but I think delicious's mushroom soup is still better.

Potato Salad! Boy I can guarantee you this tasted better than anything else. The sauce is really tasty!

I ordered the seafood pasta. The gravy tasted like water with a little tomatoes squeezed in it, Its bad! Should be able to tell from the color and the thickness of the gravy.

Sherleen ordered the green chilly chicken dish. To our disappointment, it wasn't that good after all. Then again I blame ourselves cause if we wanted green chilly we could have just gone to Absolut Thai or something...

My conclusion, I think the food here is either tasteless or its really healthy.

After that watched movie and then say hello to kitty!
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