F4 Curry Fish Head, USJ

2:34:00 PM
Its like the talk of the town with the neighbors with this place, I guess its gonna be famous.

Dad ask to go for dinner and when he mentioned F4, the only thing that comes to mind was the boy groupie.

Anyhow it is deep within the factory area with damaged tarmac, So if you drive a lowered car I suggest you use your everyday four wheel drives instead!

Let's get to the dishes, garlic is a must if you are not meeting with anyone else after...

wu dao kau yoke, fattening but one or two slices wouldn't kill

This is what everybody comes here for, the curry fish head. I don't really know how to differentiate which is good and which is not, all I can say is its eatable!

Sweet and sour fried fish

Anything fried is always a thumbs up from me! ha ha!

The easiest and the latest, Choi Tam

Anyway good luck finding the place if my map doesn't help you..

F4 Fish Head
Lot 776, Sub lot 3,
Jalan Subang 4,
Subang Jaya Industries Park,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 012-325 9111
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