Happy Birthday to 2 great people

11:38:00 PM
Two great people born in the same day and has quite a huge impact to my life is no other than my sister Sandra So

This was a special birthday, and when it is special we got to get something special too right?

It's elegant, classy, yet not old fashioned at all.. damn nice!

The other person is my Sherleen

This one ended a bit funny, we went out to celebrate at my sisters party at Luna Bar and when we got home i said:-
me : Bee wait let me get your pressie behind the boot
Sherleen : Okie!!! (Excitedly)

And i gave her the Kaspersky anti-virus software with a ribbon.. HA ha! But she was sweet enough to reply:-
Sherleen : Aww thank you baby (Huggs)
Me : You are most welcome Bee :D

She'd probably gone home and was wondering WTH? Anti-virus software as a birthday gift?

Then today she came over as we have dinner plans and i kept saying 'Yours Is Here' (Dell's tagline)

Tadaaa - your actual birthday present! Tee hee, the look in her face and emotions were far more greater than just a laptop and thats what I only wanted. I'm happy you like it :D

So she is probably installing the first gift I've got her, ha ha! Useful ain't it :P
You can now throw your ugly CPU off your room already :D

Happy birthday to the both of you

with love,
Simon So

11th January 2010
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