BMW Cluster System Test & Luna Bar

10:16:00 PM
BMW E46 318 (1.9) 2001 - Cluster System Test

This is a cool way to check whether the light bulbs of your speedometer is in running condition.
How I did it?

1. with the ignition off, hold the left instrument button
2. turn the key to position 1 (radio)
3. let go the instrument button
4. hold it back again until "Test" appear
5. do a double click on the instrument button until the number changes to 2 then wait until it moves after the decimal (2.0)
6. click on the button again and MAGIC!

Anyway celebrated my sister's birthday at Luna Bar, KL

There were loads of drinking and loads of "yum sai"

Great music, great ambiance with a great view!

A good place to chill and relax! Who wants to go again?
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