Regency Specialist Hospital Launch

2:54:00 PM
Another unique experience brought to you by cruz events & communications sdn bhd. Organizing events like no others be it if its in KL, or JB or KL, JB, Ipoh, Penang, Kedah, Alor Setar or 15 venues set up at one time around peninsular Malaysia, they always leave an unforgettable memory.

Supplying almost everything from canopies, marques and even Michael Jackson :D

impersonator that is.

Experienced emcee's all around Malaysia would stand together and just work with them.

An elite force of team members who does nothing but lend a helping hand at anytime, anywhere.

* Wait! They even got a candy floss machine!

If you ever need a clown to cheer up a family event filled with lively children, Cruz Events is the right organization to engage. Not only clowns, theres a whole flock of them in a family such as stilt walkers, fire eaters, juggling clowns, magicians, illusionist and many more.

Oh not forgetting international artist too.

If you got the budget, Cruz Events got a plan for you.

Visit them at
Or email them at enquiry[at]cruzevent[dot]com
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