Jamie Liew

4:05:00 PM
Jamie Liew is at Sunway! When that happens she will definitely call me out for lunches or drinks or dinner. Anything you can think of! Good to know you still remember me, ha ha! This time we were at Wongkok Char Chan Teng Pyramid.

She had this, can't remember what this is.. tee hee!

My yin yong! Taste pretty ok, but i still love the one in Kim Gary.

I had the Fried Udon, it was yummy! Thumbs up! Or maybe I am really hungry right now ha ha!

Jamie had this, it should taste good coz she slurp the whole thing...

We had some chilly balls too! ha ha, Jamie you love this one right? I know you had more than me :P

Great lunch, can't wait for you to finish SPM and more more more lunches!
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