The E46 with Vorsteiner CSL upgrade

1:20:00 AM
It's time for an upgrade! The old OEM look really got to go!

The process took a few days as I need to color up some other area of the car as well.

It turns out magically beautiful! Tee hee!

The carbon fibre finishing lip its just saliva dripping! Sllurpps!

Didn't have the time to get two sexy ladies to blend with it, should I re-shoot? Anybody interested to show some skin? ha ha!

Love this scene, like some need for speed underground thingy going on! Skid marks on the road with some construction bricks.

I was extremely excited to see this baby as I was away! I got home at 1030pm from Johor and spend 20mins looking at it with my dad! Ahaha awesomenesss! I am overly joyous right now! Damn damn damn happy!

The E46 with Vorsteiner CSL bumpers!

next : M6 side mirrors.. owh owh owh!
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